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HVAC Maintenance Above and Beyond Expectations

Hot Point Heating and Air Conditioning has been providing top of the line Waukesha HVAC maintenance services for over a decade. We are available for 24 hour on-call heating and cooling repairs in Waukesha County, so you won’t have to wait up all night long for a certified HVAC technician. Our maintenance services are always above and beyond, no matter what time of day you need assistance. We look for immediate and long term issues, so your home comfort system stays functioning properly all year long.

Hot Point Heating and Air Conditioning’s professional HVAC technicians have received nothing but positive feedback for their repair, installation and maintenance services. View our Waukesha heating and cooling maintenance company testimonials to see for yourself what customers have said about our services. 

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I was having issues with my air conditioner not working properly and as such a service company was contacted (too bad we didn't know about Hot Point right away). Unfortunately, the other service company was not able to communicate the issues effectively and they seemed to have lacked the skills and knowledge needed to fix the major issue with the air conditioner. Hot Point was then contacted and they were able to immediately diagnose the problem and answer all questions with much knowledge, professionalism, integrity, and honesty. They are a very friendly and honest company. It is so refreshing to see a company like this who believes in strong character and integrity. Thank you, Hot Point!

Angela - Jefferson

I found Hot Point from their website, due to the current company that I was using could not figure out what was wrong with my multiple zone heating unit. My furnace was 7 years old at the time and should have still been running strong (at least in my eyes). I called and spoke to Doug who was more than helpful and understanding and came out that following morning. It wasn't an emergency at the time, just an issue with one zone closing when it should have been opening. Doug came and figured out what was wrong within a couple of minutes compared to the old company who made multiple trips out with no success. On another occasion I did have an emergency where my furnace would not stay lit and I waited through the night to call him because I felt bad to have to wake him. I did end up calling him very early in the morning and I know I woke him up but he was over in less than a half hour. When he got there he was once again very professional and told me I should have called sooner, no matter if I woke him or not. The cause for the heating emergency was due to the prior company not cleaning it properly and draining the water that builds up. That figures. The thing I couldn't believe is that I DID NOT get charged with an After Hours/ Emergency charge like most companies do! I am very happy I found Hot Point and I would recommend them to anyone! It's good to have the personal "old school" feel of the way business used to be done where your not just another number.

Paul D. - Oconomowoc

The service guy from Hot Point Heating took the time to explain the areas of concern he found and was able to provide sound guidance on what the major items were and what we might be able to wait on. He didn't just focus on our needs for today, but was able to help us consider our long term needs.

Jeff and Nancy S. - Hartland

Doug didn't just 'do his thing' and then hand me a bill. He gave me the opportunity to see first hand what he was seeing and give me a laymen's term explanation. He was very up front about the price schedule from the start and made it clear that nothing but the service call fee would be charged unless I chose to make improvements; which I appreciated!

Bill and Jill S. - Oconomowoc

In May 2010, we moved into a home that had been empty for a year. We assumed the furnace was good because the pipes did not freeze the previous winter. In August, we tried to get the furnace working, but it did not. We called Hot Point Heating and A/C and Doug found the problem and rectified it. He checked out other related parts to the furnace; cleaned it and left the area round the furnace cleaner than he found it. The bill was reasonable. We are glad that we called a capable and honest contractor. We will call them when we need anything else done.

Don and Esther R. - Pewaukee

My 20 year old main floor furnace went out on December 29th last year. I called a company we had used in the past. Their diagnosis was a cracked heat exchanger, not worth repairing. The service man thought it was very likely that the second floor furnace would also have a cracked heat exchanger. He measured our CO level to be 1%. That afternoon they were back with a proposal. They would do a 2 to one furnace conversion for in the neighborhood of 12K. If we weren't satisfied with the air flow, they could provide us with zoning. I am a single mother and called my father for his input. He said get a second opinion. I called Hot Point Heating.

Doug was out to my home about dinner time. He called his family saying he would be late. He then told me he wouldn't want his family to be breathing that level of carbon monoxide. Doug's plan was to replace each furnace with a higher efficiency furnace. He did not think the 2 to 1 conversion would be as satisfactory, because we would reduce air flow and may not be as comfortable. He also said that our two furnaces provide us with zoning. His quote was 5-6K. I called my dad and he said, "I like his thinking." The next day Doug installed the main floor furnace and disassembled the second furnace. He showed me the rather large crack in the second heat exchanger. By early evening we were very comfortable and breathing good air. The first company hadn't gotten back to me yet.

By the next day we had two furnaces running. Doug's workmanship is even evident to the untrained eye. I am so happy I listened to my father and got that second opinion. Calling Hot Point Heating was no coincidence. Someone was watching over me! I would recommend Doug at Hot Point Heating and Air Conditioning to my family and friends in a heartbeat.

Stacey G. - Delafield