Guaranteed Furnace and Air Conditioner Maintenance

Scheduled Heating and Cooling Maintenance Services Include an Operational Guarantee

Waukesha HVAC Company Van on Maintenance CallYou depend on your furnace and air conditioner to keep your home comfortable year round. To ensure your home is comfortable no matter the outside temperature, the Hot Point Heating and Air Conditioning team of HVAC technicians provides guaranteed maintenance on all HVAC systems in southeast Wisconsin.

When you schedule your system tune up with our experienced HVAC professionals, we guarantee your furnace or air conditioner will not fail during the season we maintained it.

If it does, we will repair it during normal business hours (8am – 6pm) for 30% off.

Our inspections and tune ups are so extensive and thorough, we are confident offering this warranty to our customers.

By staying on top of scheduled maintenance, you’ll extend the life of your furnace and air conditioner and suffer fewer annoying break downs. In the long run, regular tune ups will save you big money on costly repairs and replacements.

Guarantee Details

Our guarantee only applies if the homeowner has followed the recommendations of Hot Point Heating and Air Conditioning for bringing their equipment up to the recommended factory specifications. The operational guarantee is extended solely to the specific furnace or air conditioner tuned up for the duration of the season the tune up occurred in.

Heating Season: Oct 1 – Mar 31

Cooling Season: May 15 – Aug 31

If the equipment fails during the same season it was tuned up in, Hot Point Heating and Air Conditioning will come out at a 30% discount on repairs between 8:00am and 6:00pm.

Heat exchangers, compressors, coils and drains are not included.

Contact Waukesha County’s leading HVAC maintenance technicians at Hot Point Heating and Air Conditioning for more information or to schedule service.