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Hot Point Heating and Air Conditioning has over a decade of providing reliable HVAC services in Waukesha County. We offer everything from furnace and air conditioner repair to water heater installation. Our experienced HVAC technicians understand how important it is to have a properly functioning heating and cooling system in Wisconsin. If you need expert heating or air conditioning repair services immediately, we offer 24 hour HVAC repair year round.

Browse our heating and air conditioning gallery to see what we can do for you.

Contact Wisconsin HVAC technicians from Hot Point Heating and Air Conditioning to receive professional repair, installation or maintenance services any time of day.

Broken Ice Maker in West Allis Nursing Home Repaired by HVAC Technician
Ice Maker Machine Maintenance West Allis
HVAC Installation Replacing Electric Heaters in West Bend
West Bend HVAC Installation
Failed Heat Exchanger in Delafield
Failed Heat Exchanger Delafield
Whirlpool Furnace Replaced in Hartland
Whirlpool Furnace Replacement in Hartland
Rheem Furnace with Failed Flame Sensor
Rheem Furnace in Hartland, WI
Lennox Furnace with Clogged Filter Repaired in Hartland
Hartland Furnace Repair
Aprilaire Dehumidifier Repaired by Oconomowoc HVAC Company
HVAC Maintenance Hartland
Goodman Air Conditioner Installed in Milwaukee by HVAC Company
Milwaukee AC Installation
Furnace in Oconomowoc Receiving Routine Maintenance
Oconomowoc Furnace Repair
Water Heater Replacement Services in Oconomowoc
Water Heater Replacement Oconomowoc
Outdated Empire Furnace in Pewaukee
Pewaukee Furnace Removal and Replacement
Two Goodman Furnaces Installed in West Allis, WI
West Allis Furnace Installation
Oconomowoc Boiler Replacement Before Installation
Boiler Replacement Oconomowoc - Before
New Boiler Installed in Oconomowoc by HVAC Company
Boiler Replacement Oconomowoc - After
Failed Bryant Boiler in Oconomowoc to Be Replaced by Amtrol Unit
Oconomowoc Boiler Replacement - Before
New Amtrol Boiler Installed in Oconomowoc
Oconomowoc Boiler Replacement - After