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Heating System Being Maintenanced in Oconomowoc

Routine Heating System Maintenance

Hot Point Heating and Air Conditioning has been providing top-quality furnace maintenance services for residential and commercial sites near Waukesha for years. We have seen all types of furnace problems homeowners have encountered. Some of these problems can easily be prevented with yearly HVAC maintenance.

Look folks, it’s Wisconsin. It gets a little cold around here from time to time, then it gets a lotta cold the rest of the time. Your furnace is one of the most important parts of your house. If you wait until the weather turns from cold to colder before kicking on the trusty ol’ furnace and making sure it’s still pumping heat, well, I hope you have invested in plenty of sweaters and socks.

Bryant Furnace Heat Exchanger Failure Repaired

You should be like this homeowner from Oconomowoc. They tested out their Bryant furnace before the autumn chill turned to teeth-chattering cold, and what do you know? It wouldn’t light. Turns out, the safeties had tripped because of a failure in the heat exchanger.

One quick and easy visit from Hot Point Heating and Air Conditioning later and they were ready for the deep freeze. Well, at least their house was.

Get your home or business ready for whatever weather is coming your way and call the HVAC professionals at Hot Point Heating and Air Conditioning. If you found out your furnace isn't working when you woke up to a freezing house, call right away. We provide 24/7 emergency HVAC repair service. We'll diagnose the problem and get your home warm and comfortable in no time.

Contact Oconomowoc furnace repair specialists at Hot Point today to ensure your home stays heated all winter.