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Reputable A/C, furnace, water heater and boiler repairs throughout Hartland, WI.

The Best HVAC Services near Hartland

Get the best service available in the Hartland area with Hot Point’s exceptional HVAC installation and repair services. Make us your number one source for 24-hour emergency air conditioning and heating unit repair and maintenance. Our HVAC technicians perform services all over southeastern Wisconsin, Hartland included.

We repair and perform maintenance on your air conditioning, water heater, boiler, or furnace by taking preventative measures to make sure your heating and cooling system is as efficient as possible, including checking filters, heat pumps, thermostats and any other important parts of your heating or cooling systems.

Air Conditioning Repair and Preventive Maintenance

Keep your room, window or central air conditioner in the best shape possible with regular A/C maintenance and repair from Hot Point Heating and Air Conditioning. If we find a problem, we’ll recommend parts or full unit replacement. Nothing else is more important in the summer than a cooling system that runs like a swiss watch!


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Don’t get stuck waiting for emergency repairs on your A/C on a scorching hot day. Call Hot Point and we’ll make sure your A/C is ready to tackle the summer heat. Your whole house will feel like a cool breeze coming off Pewaukee Lake after we’re done fixing your air conditioning system.

Furnace Repair, Installation and Inspection

Hot Point offers 24 hour furnace repair service for any problem imaginable for your home furnace or commercial forced air heating system.

From cleaning to repairs to maintenance and everything in between, we can handle whatever your propane, gas or electric furnace throws at us. When you call for our emergency services, you get in touch with an HVAC expert who will help you solve your problem as soon as possible. We’ve got many years of experience servicing the HVAC industry’s most popular brands of forced air heating systems, including:

  • Bryant
  • Payne
  • Goodman
  • Amana
  • Coleman
  • Trane
  • …and many, many more


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Our skilled furnace technicians will come out to your house and fix your furnace on the spot. All our vans are stocked with furnace parts (filters!) for quick repairs so you can get back to heating your house ASAP. From Nashota to Okauchee, our services cover the entire Hartland area and its neighbors!

Common Types of Boilers in Hartland

No matter your type of boiler, our HVAC technicians know how they work and how to fix them.

Boiler Systems Maintenance, Installation and Repairs

Whether you want repairs or a boiler installation, Hot Point has your back with timely and cost-effective boiler services. Hot Point will also perform maintenance services for your hot water, electric, gas or condensing boiler, prolonging its life and saving you money down the road. Boilers are the most efficient alternative to furnaces, though they are more complicated, so DIY repairs and maintenance are more difficult.

Older boiler heating systems can potentially waste a ton of energy and drive up your heating bills. Installing a new high efficiency steam, gas or oil fired boiler for your home in Hartland could save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Ask us about the new residential and commercial boilers on the market if you’re sick of kicking the can down the road and are ready for an upgrade.

Water Heater Systems Troubleshooting

If you’re having trouble getting hot water through the pipes in your building or your water just won’t get hot, it most likely means that your 40, 60, 75, or 80 gallon water heater is broken or malfunctioning. Hot Point Heating and Air Conditioning has the skills and tools to service hot water heaters in homes and businesses all over the Hartland area.

Hot Point performs reputable maintenance and repairs on tankless gas and electric hot water heaters in residential and commercial locations throughout Hartford and southeastern Wisconsin.  Don’t hesitate to call us even if you just need maintenance. It could mean difference between a cold shower and a comfortable home.


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If the costs of preventive maintenance and repairs is piling up out of control, you may be best off installing a new hot water heater. Rest assured the water heater technicians at Hot Point perform water heater replacement and installation

Reputable HVAC Maintenance and Repairs

Hot Point Heating and Air Conditioning is the best option for reliable HVAC services in Hartland. Our experts have the skills for every problem imaginable. From boilers to furnaces to air conditioning units, there isn’t a problem we haven’t seen and fixed. Call our 24/7 emergency line and get in contact with an HVAC expert as soon as you see a problem and get a head start on fixing it today!

Don’t wait until a small problem gets too big to fix yourself! Contact our HVAC company for the best commercial and residential HVAC services in Hartland!