Different Types of Air Conditioning Units

Determining exactly what type of air conditioning unit fits both your monthly energy budget and is right for your home can be daunting process. The market is currently flooded will different shapes, sizes, and strengths of cooling units. This often leaves many consumers confused about what unit is best for their particular space, installation area, and overall personal comfort preferences.

HVAC installation experts at Hot Point Heating and Air Conditioning explain what type of air conditioner is right for your home. We have years of experience installing and repairing air conditioners across southeastern Wisconsin.

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Air Conditioning System Types

Central air conditioning unitCentral air conditioners utilize a system of ductwork to deliver cool air throughout the home.

Central Air Conditioners

Central air conditioners use a system of “supply” and “return” ducts to circulate cold air throughout the building. In many newer homes, central air conditioners are high efficiency packaged units. They use a fraction of the amount of energy as their predecessors, and are encased in one solid unit. This unit is normally located outside the residence.

Most homeowners prefer to have a separate concrete pad poured for their outdoor unit, however, it can also be placed on the roof if necessary. This outdoor placement allows for the unit to be discreetly positioned so that its noise, appearance, and other undesirable features are out of the way.

Older central air conditioners, particularly those installed in the 1970s, are typically split system units. This type of central air conditioner is composed of two different cases. The outdoor case is metal and houses the compressor and fan condenser. This case is connected to the indoor case located somewhere inside the building. The indoor unit houses the evaporator.

Window Unit Air Conditioners

Window unit air conditioners, also called room air conditioners, are ideal for cooling individual rooms or smaller areas. The strength of the unit is measured in Btu’s, with a recommended 20 Btu’s per square foot of room. The size of the unit depends on the outlet required, and minor installation is required for the unit’s initial set-up.

Window air conditioning unitTo cool smaller living spaces, a window air conditioner may be a smart, economical choice.

Window units can be the economically wise choice providing that the area in question is small enough and well insulated. However, using too small of a window unit, or attempting to use a window unit to cool too big of an area will result in energy wastage, higher electric bills, and decreased efficiency. Window units are almost always exclusive to residential buildings, efficiency apartments, and older houses.

Portable Air Conditioning Units

Portable air conditioners are single units, easy to move from room to room, and come with some sort of exhaust kit to remove warm air from the area. Portable units come in a variety of different sizes and models, and are perfect for small enclosed places.

Normally, no specific outlets are required for these units, making them perfect to just “plug n go” as soon as all window exhaust systems are installed. Closets, computer server rooms, or other areas that must be climate controlled often use this method of cooling in case traditional air conditioning units fail.

Portable units are not recommended as a sole source of air conditioning, and are mainly utilized as backup cooling sources. Small portable air conditioning units are often an inexpensive back up to have just in case of emergencies.

Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning Units

Ductless mini-split air conditioning units, the least common type of air conditioning unit, is at times ideal for homes that currently have no duct work or multifamily houses. Multiple cooling systems can be established off of a single unit, each with their own individual climate controls.

The indoor units are often aesthetically unappealing and hard to conceal. They’re also about 30% more expensive to operate than central air conditioning units. However, this unit can be attached to most any wall, drop ceiling, and has the added benefit of being ductless.

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