Failed Heat Exchanger Delafield

Broken Armstrong Magic-Pak Heat Exchanger in Delafield

Delafield HVAC Specialists Replace a Failed Heat Exchanger

This Armstrong Magic-Pak heat exchanger had serious wear. A hole had rusted through, causing the heat exchanger to malfunction. A failing heat exchanger can lead to serious problems, including the release of deadly carbon monoxide gas into your home. The professional furnace technicians at Hot Point Heating and Air Conditioning removed the broken Armstrong Magic-Pak and installed a new heat exchanger, ensuring the safety of the family while increasing their home’s energy efficiency.

Many shady HVAC furnace techs will try to scam you and claim your heat exchanger is broken. Always get a second opinion if you feel something isn't right, or a big labor bill is at stake.

Annual Maintenance Prevents Emergency Furnace Repair

Annual maintenance of your heating and cooling systems is critical to keep them running at optimal conditions. Our experienced Delafield HVAC specialists provide annual maintenance services, inspecting your systems for signs of wear and damage. Hot Point’s comprehensive maintenance services cover all aspects of your heating system. From cleaning the combustion chamber to replacing air filters, we ensure your furnace is in top condition. We also offer 24 hour emergency HVAC repair services, keeping your family comfortable year round.

Contact Hot Point's Delafield HVAC specialists for superior furnace maintenance and repair services.