Rheem Furnace in Hartland, WI

Failed Furnace Flame Sensor in Hartland Replaced by Emergency HVAC Service Company

Furnace Repair and Installation Services in WI

A furnace, for all intents and purposes, has one job: to heat your residential home or commercial business. When your furnace isn’t heating properly, like this troublesome Rheem unit in Hartland, you’d probably be better off just burning hundred dollar bills for heat. At least then you’d know where all your energy money is going. Better still, call the Hartland HVAC experts at Hot Point Heating and Air Conditioning.

Rheem Furnace Failed Flame Sensor Repaired

When we cracked open this bad boy, we found out the flame sensor failed. You might not know as much about HVAC as our crack team of expert technicians, but you can probably guess a flame sensor is a pretty crucial element to your happy home-heating apparatus. We replaced the faulty sensor with a brand new part, and the furnace was blasting out BTUs fast enough to warm the house up in just about an hour. Best of all, all of our work is done on a flat rate quoted before we start work, so you'll know exactly how much it will cost to fix your furnace.

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