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Inefficient Amtrol Boiler to Be Replaced in Oconomowoc

Before Boiler Installation Services

A dusty, old Amtrol boiler with a leak in the basement of this home was no longer providing the heat necessary to warm their home during the long Wisconsin winter. The problem was beyond DIY boiler repairs. This family needed professional boiler replacement services in Oconomowoc and called Hot Point Heating and Air Conditioning to get the job done in a prompt, professional way. Too many exposed pipes and knobs were a hazard for their kids, especially because the pipes of boilers often become too hot to touch. Hot Point Heating and Air Conditioning offers a wide selection of replacement Amtrol boilers, and this family was able to find a modern replacement for their out of date boiler.

Oconomowoc Amtrol Boiler Replacement at a Flat Rate

Our Oconomowoc HVAC technicians were able to assess the problems they were experiencing with their current boiler, and gave this family all the available options for their heating needs this winter. They decided to completely replace their old boiler. After viewing our wide inventory of available boilers, they settled on a cost efficient replacement boiler from Amtrol. Best of all, Hot Point Heating does all work at a flat rate, letting our residential customers accurately budget their heating system repairs and replacements. We charge exactly what we estimate. Don't risk falling for a lowball estimate with a huge cost overrun. Let Hot Point Heating get you the new boiler you need at a price you can afford.

Contact Oconomowoc furnace repair specialists at Hot Point for more information on how a new heating system can save you money this winter.