Do-it-Yourself Boiler System Maintenance

Boiler Heating Systems Need Preventive Care to Keep Functioning

Old Boiler Needing Service in Hartland, WisconsinMany people don’t pay attention to machinery and tools in their home until they break. As long as the house is warm, many homeowners won’t bother to make sure their boiler heating system is running as efficiently as possible. However, if your boiler is compromised in some way, you could be spending hundreds of dollars on inefficient heating in the short term and doing long-term damage to your boiler.

Preventive boiler maintenance means lower repair costs and lower heating bills.

While we can promise you quick boiler repair services should you have an emergency, we understand you don’t want to have to call Hot Point Heating and Air Conditioning on a frigid Wisconsin morning with no heat.

Become familiar with your boiler heating system and give it frequent attention. Make sure you know exactly the type of boiler installed in your home. Keep an eye on the following parts of your boiler system. You may not be able to fix them yourself, but if you can recognize problems early on, you can get HVAC professionals from Hot Point out to your home to perform repairs before the situation becomes an emergency.

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Safety Valves

Make sure the safety valve is working by lifting the try lever monthly, and test the valve set pressure annually. The safety valve is your last resort option should something go wrong. It must be working. It is the only thing preventing an explosion should too much pressure build up in the boiler.

The valve has to be set to open at or below the maximum working pressure as set by the manufacturer. You shouldn’t be operating the boiler too close to the valve setting. Keeping it too close causes the valve to leak and build up internal corrosion, preventing the valve from operating correctly.

If you need help ensuring your safety valves are in good working order, contact the boiler heating system experts at Hot Point today and we’ll come out and help you perform preventive maintenance on your boiler.

Check Pipes for Buildup, Sludge and Sediment

You can check to see if piping is clear and functioning properly with no restrictions by looking at the float chamber. If the low water fuel cutoff is drained or emptied, you may have a problem. The water level should swiftly return to its regular level when the drain valve is closed. If water is slow to return, it’s a sign your pipes are clogged.

If your piping system was installed properly, you will see a lot of “cross tee” pieces, making removal and cleaning much easier by isolating the source of buildup and making it easy to eliminate. If you have the tools, shut off your boiler, remove cross tees you can access and clean them out to ensure water is flowing smoothly. If you do not have the tools or are not sure if you do, do not attempt this on your own. The last thing you want is a nasty mess, possibly damaged pipes and no heat. Contact Hot Point and we’ll get your system clean in no time.

Fuel System

The fuel system needs routine maintenance to ensure the lowest fuel cost and best heat transfer. A fuel system given too little or no attention poses a serious threat to your safety. If ignition transformers or electrodes begin to corrode and fail, the domino effect could have serious consequences. Check all of the components in your fuel system for coatings and other dirty buildup. Contact Lake Country’s boiler maintenance professionals at Hot Point if you need your fuel system cleaned out.

Electrical Switches and Wiring

At the very least, you should clean the switches of all dirt and debris every year. It’s rare for switches and electrical components to require consistent maintenance, but you still ought to make sure the area is kept clean. Keep electrical covers tight. They should only be removed for cleaning. Make sure all connections are secure.

Do not tinker with electrical components like some maintenance workers have been known to do. Under no circumstances should you bypass the switch to force the unit to run when it isn’t meant to.

When you need the help of experienced heating professionals to verify your electrical systems are clean and working properly, contact the boiler system specialists at Hot Point Heating and Air Conditioning.

Boiler Installation and Repair Services in Southeastern Wisconsin

Attempting to perform preventive maintenance on complex boiler systems can be intimidating. You don’t have to know how to fix specific problems or take your unit apart and know it like the palm of your hand. All you need is to know is the warning signs and know when to contact professionals to get your boiler running smoothly again.

If you want to ensure your home boiler system is operating efficiently and not wasting your money due to leaking or dirty components, contact boiler heating system repair experts at Hot Point Heating and Air Conditioning in Oconomowoc for a free quote today.

Contact boiler repair professionals at Hot Point 24 hours a day every day for emergency repair HVAC services.