How to Lower Your Heating Bills

Waukesha’s HVAC Specialists’ Tips to Keep your Home Warm and your Wallet Full

Lower your heating bills for your Wisconsin homeDuring Wisconsin winters, many homeowners try to save money by keeping their thermostats set to cooler temperatures. At Hot Point Heating and Air Conditioning, we understand it’s important to save money anywhere you can, however, your family doesn’t need to be freezing all winter long.

There are simple things you can do to keep your home comfortable all season long. For starters, routine furnace maintenance is the easiest way to save money during the winter. A clean, properly running furnace will use less energy while producing more heat. Another easy step is keeping your thermostat at a consistent temperature. Setting the temperature higher will not make your house heat up any quicker.

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Not every job needs to be done by an HVAC professional. There are many easy, DIY home improvement projects which can help lower your heating bill this winter you can do on your own.

How to Lower your Heating Bills

  1. Clean or replace furnace filters once a month.
  2. Clear any obstructions in the way of air vents (furniture, drapes etc.).
  3. Reverse your ceiling fans.
  4. Turn down your thermostat a few degrees and add a layer of clothing.
  5. Put plastic film over all windows and any unused doorways.
  6. Draw curtains at night and open them during the day - sunlight will help warm your home naturally.
  7. Lower the hot water temperature on your water heater.
  8. Clean the radiator and remove decorative coverings.
  9. Seal gaps where a vent or pipe goes through a wall - this can be easily done with caulk found at most home improvement stores.
  10. Replace worn weatherstripping on windows and doorways.
  11. Use supplemental space heaters for colder areas of the home.
For more preventive maintenance and money-saving tips, consult our guide to routine furnace maintenance.

These easy home improvement projects make a world of difference. You’ll notice an immediate difference in your home’s temperature and heating bill. If you ever have any questions, or if your furnace stops blowing warm air or begins to malfunction, don’t hesitate to contact the professional Waukesha HVAC technicians at Hot Point Heating and Air Conditioning. We even offer 24/7 emergency services, so your family will never be left in the cold.

How Waukesha HVAC Contractors Lower Your Heating Bill

Typically, people don’t associate HVAC companies with saving money. However, Hot Point is here to help by maintaining and fine tuning your furnace or boiler. We focus on our customers, coming up with solutions which best suit your needs, while saving you as much money as possible. Our Waukesha HVAC contractors recommend changing/replacing your current furnace for only two reasons:

  • If it isn’t cost effective to replace a single part and a new unit would be cheaper overall.
  • If your current furnace/boiler is more than 10 years old and isn’t energy efficient. The initial investment in a new furnace or boiler is more than offset by high efficiency heating.

Our Waukesha HVAC heating professionals are happy to inspect your existing furnace and water heater. These appliances should be inspected annually, especially if your unit is over 10 years old. We go over every aspect of your current heating system and tell you the cause of any current issues and anything which could cause trouble in the future. We use top of the line technology to get a comprehensive look inside your ducts so we can pin-point the issue, eliminating any guesswork. We’ll go over our findings with you and give a firm estimate on repair costs.

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No matter the time, day or night, our certified Waukesha HVAC technicians will come out and fix any problems you’re experiencing. We arrive with a wide inventory of replacement parts on hand, eliminating the need to wait for a part to come in. Keep your family comfortable this winter with Hot Point Heating and Air Conditioning.

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