5 Things You’re Not Doing to Keep Your A/C Unit Running Its Best

Just Like a Car, Air Conditioners Need to be Maintained

Two Air Conditioners Requiring Maintenance near OconomowocRight now, you’re probably not thinking about your air conditioner. You’re also not thinking about your car’s oil. The big difference, though, is you’ll remember to change your oil before your car breaks down. Your A/C unit, however, might not be looked at until you turn it on and find out it’s broken. Most of the problems an air conditioner can have are easily avoidable if you just did a few simple things to keep it running in peak form. Here are five things you really should be doing to keep your air conditioner at its best.

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Clean the Filter

Your air conditioner has a filter in place to prevent debris from getting inside and causing problems. As your unit works, the filter slowly builds up layers of dirt and small particles, inhibiting its air intake. You should clean or replace the filter at least once a month and be sure to check it at the beginning of each season. You don’t want to have last year’s build up messing with things this summer.

Brush the Evaporator

Similar to the filter, your air conditioner’s evaporator builds up a nasty layer of dust and dirt. To clean it, remove the insulated cover of your HVAC system’s plenum. Get a stiff brush and start scrubbing all the dirt and grime away. Do not use water, just a stiff, non-metal brush will do. And be sure to vacuum up the dust you just knocked loose.

Remove Dirt from the Drain

Dirt seems to get everywhere. Get a cap and plug one end of your air conditioner’s drain. Then, use your vacuum and suck all the dirt out of the drain from the other end. Remember to remove the cap when you’re done, or you might have a serious problem on your hands.

Take Care of the Condenser

The condenser is your HVAC system’s exterior unit, usually mounted on a small concrete slab. Look inside the grill and you should see some fan fins. They’re most likely covered in dirt and dust. Remove the grill and carefully brush the dirt and dust free. Do not use water and remember to be gentle, the fan blades are fragile and you really don’t want to bend them. While you’re outside, use a level to make sure the concrete is flat. If it’s not, use a pry bar to lift up the sagging side and add gravel to keep it there.

Have It Professionally Serviced

There are some things you can do yourself and other things best left to the professionals. Having your A/C unit professionally serviced once a year is a sure way to keep it in top shape. Professional HVAC technicians have tools and cleaning solutions not available to the public. Hot Point Heating and Air Conditioning can check your Freon levels, use commercial grade cleaners to power wash the dirt and grime away and look for failing parts you might not notice.

Wisconsin’s long winters do end. When summer rolls around, make sure your air conditioner is ready for the challenge. Follow this advice and you’ll be sure to have a comfortable summer with an A/C unit in tip-top shape.

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