9 Tips for Eliminating Humidity in Your Home

Control the Moisture Level in Your House This Summer

Oconomowoc Air Conditioning Maintenance and RepairJust when the weather seems to be getting nice, Wisconsin is struck by the heavy humidity of summer. When the hot, humid air seeps in, your house gets stuffy.

You know the feeling: the air is muggy, your skin is clammy, and you can’t tell where that musty, mildew smell is coming from.

The humidity may cause condensation on the walls and floors, allowing harmful bacteria and mold to grow. Humidity tends to be especially high in basements, bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

In many cases, an efficient air conditioning system is enough to keep your home at a comfortable and safe humidity level.

Many ACs have a setting for moisture removal. The evaporator coil causes the water vapor in the air to condense and the moisture is collected and drained outside. To help keep your air conditioner running efficiently and reducing humidity, clean or replace the air filters at least once a month.

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How to Reduce Indoor Humidity

The ideal humidity level in your home is between 30% and 50%. Follow these tips to manage your home humidity level:

  1. Buy a hygrometer at the hardware store to measure the moisture level in the air.
  2. Make sure windows and doors seal properly so humid outdoor air can’t get in.
  3. If it’s humid inside and not outside, open the windows to help ventilate the house.
  4. Make sure no water is leaking into the house, especially the basement.
  5. Run a fan to improve airflow.
  6. Take shorter, cooler showers.
  7. Install exhaust fans in rooms with high humidity, like kitchens and bathrooms.
  8. Use a dehumidifier to collect excess moisture.
  9. Have your air conditioner regularly maintained to dry the air efficiently and effectively.

Annual Air Conditioner Tune Ups

Yearly air conditioner maintenance by our Waukesha AC service technicians will ensure your system keeps running properly to keep your home cool and at a comfortable humidity level. We make sure your air conditioner always works its best.

Annual maintenance saves you money in the long run by making your AC run more efficiently, lowering the cost your energy bills, and by preventing expensive repairs in the future. Our HVAC specialists are available 24 hours a day for emergency air conditioning repair service in case your system fails at an inopportune time. You can count on our reliable Waukesha HVAC repair specialists to get your cooling system working again.

Contact the Waukesha County AC service technicians at Hot Point Heating and Cooling for installation, repairs, or annual maintenance to protect your home from humidity!